Death Rumour: Shiite Leader, El-zakzaky Speaks to Journalists

The Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibrahim ElZakzaky, spoke to the media after death rumour generated deadly protests.

A Nigerian newswire had earlier reported that palpable fear and apprehension generated by the widespread rumor of purported death of El-Zakzaky in detention was a ruse.

“The rumour is handmade of mischievous makers who would stop at nothing to cause confusion among the followers or other ulterior motives”, said the Secret Service, according to PRNigeria.

Speaking to PRNigeria in Abuja, the intelligence officer said: “As I am speaking to you now Sheikh ElZakzaky and his wife are alive and stable.

“They observe they regular prayers and are in stable condition.

Sheikh El-zakzaky shortly before the interview

“The peddlers of rumours claiming he is dead are mischievous undesirable elements engaging in the antics for ulterior motives.

“While it is out of place to say more than this, Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife are accorded respects and some privileges including occasional communication.

“Therefore the message being circulated to the effect that there would violence as a result of his death is unfounded and misleading and should be disregarded.”

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