Osun is reference point in prudent resources management – Aregbesola

Governor, State of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola has expressed that it has been a great privilege to serve the people of the state.

Wishing the people a happy New Year, Ogbeni said he would always cherish their love, patriotism, courage and forthrightness.

The Governor further said , “My good people of Osun, I am most pleased and grateful to God for the New Year. Irrespective of our condition at this moment, given our endowments and God’s natural blessings around us, we have the hope that a happy and fulfilling year is ahead of us. For when we have life, we have hope.

“The last year was challenging but we can say that it was better than the two years before it, just as we believe that this New Year will be better than the old one. ”

Aregbesola who listed the achievements of his administration so far, said the State has become a reference point in good governance.

“For the past seven years, we have laboured to bring people centred progressive governance to Osun. This has been visible in youth, vulnerable senior citizens and women empowerment, agriculture development, industrialisation, infrastructure development, education, job creation, human development, water resources development, urban renewal and so on.

“All these have transformed Osun and projected it positively beyond what we met. Osun has now become the reference point in prudent management of resources and responsible governance.

“On Thursday last week, I presented to the State House of Assembly the budget for the administration of this state for next year. That budget is the culmination of all our effort and will represent the crowning glory of our achievements. I fully intend to implement it to the last kobo.

He however urged the people to pray their taxes, adding it is the only way the state can be economically and financially safe.

“All of us should pay our taxes, rates, levies, fees, fines and other financial obligations to the state. From our population, if one million of us productively engaged can contribute N250 for 20 days in a month, we will be able to raise N5 billion. This will enable us comfortably pay our workers and pensioners full salaries, run the government, provide infrastructure and carry out social protection services for all the people.

“All the things we desire like good roads, functional education, recreational facilities, security of life and property and a conducive environment for the pursuit of happiness and so on can best be provided by the government. No individual or private organisation can provide them to the satisfaction of all the people. This is why we all need to support the government by fulfilling our financial obligations to it in order for it to be able to carry out all its projects satisfactorily too.”

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